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what is impotence

hey there, this is ashley from alpha maleclinics. at amc, a question we get asked frequentlyis.... "can erectile dysfunction be cured?"well the simple answer is yes and no. sorry we couldn't give you a straight answerso let me explain. treatment of erectile dysfunction should alwaysinvolve a thorough medical assessment by a

what is impotence, medical doctor to ensure that there is nounderlying problems that could be causing you to have erectile dysfunction.we need to rule out whether you have any of the following:â· prostate enlargement (or cancer) â· hormonal deficiencyâ· diabetes

â· high or low blood presureâ· or localised infections some men come to us with these conditionspresent, therefore we are already dealing with a full plate of symptoms -- making erectiledysfunction cure difficult. if these conditions are present within thepatient then they must be treated as well, as they maybe responsible for causing erectiledysfunction or at the very least contributing towards it.if these medical conditions are ruled out, treatment can be commenced either with oralmedications that stimulate blood flow to the penis and with vacuum devices that drag bloodinto the erectile tissues of the penis. ultimately treatment is tapered towards thepatient and their underlying health condition.

in general, we find that with ongoing useof erectile dysfunction medications - the natural strength and function of a man's erectionwill improve overtime. at the end of the day, the greatest potentialbenefit of alpha male clinic's erectile dysfunction

what is impotence

treatment lies in its potential to help curethe problem. at alpha male clinics, erectile dysfunctiontreatment programmes are tailored to you. give us a call on 1800 182 731 & get a freemedical consultation from our male doctors now. the number to call again is 1800 182731.

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