Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

car rental in balikpapan indonesia

we are now at kintamani district you are watching mount batur volcano behind me. it is an active volcano in 1963, it emitted lava last time here you will see black dried lava part

car rental in bali indonesia
there is another volcano beside it there are more volcanoes like japan and other countries it is a great place we are from kuta square, which took around 2 hours to reach here
we came here by renting a car, which cost around 4.5 lac rupiah, equivalent to 30 to 40 usd inc. driver and fuel. while you are visiting this volcano, you also can plan to visit ubud waterfall and rice field. total 3 or 4 spots you may cover in a day long tour (10 hours). thing you need to know about this place as it is a restaurant, where from you can watch volcano (no entry fee needed) so you have to buy either buffet lunch or drink any one at least
rental mobil balikpapan lepas kunci indonesia,buffet lunch cost around 1.5 lac rupiah and tax. which is almost like 15 to 20 usd
or you can choose only fruit juice or drink as an cheap option which may cost around 25k to 50k rupiah, equivalent to 3 to 5 usd.

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