Rabu, 26 April 2017

cannot get an erection

while i cannot get an erectionwith my wife, i have no problemswhen i visit internet sites. do i need to see a doctor? the question is whether or notthe man is suffering. once things have been explainedin this way,

cannot get an erection, then maybe this man is suffering in which case he may wishto seek medical advice from a sexologist or a urologist. but everything seemsto be working normally.

but he does appear to be suffering... many men say they have no problemwith erections because they have erections. but do they hold upto sexual relations? they might come in the nightor in the morning or when they watch a film. but that's disconnected,

cannot get an erection

meaning it works withina closed-circuit. what he needsis to be able to have sex

with his wife or whoeverand for it to work. if that is not the case,then he ought to seek help.

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